What to look for in an EYLF Resource

EYLF resources come in a variety of different approaches and formats, each with their own strengths and each suited to different styles of learning. But how do I know what I should be looking for in a high quality EYLF resource?

EYLF ResourcesThe Early Years Learning Framework, or EYLF as it is commonly known, forms the foundational requirements for early childhood education in Australia. Implemented in 2009, the EYLF is the first national framework for early childhood learning in Australia and covers the ages of 0 to 5 years in preparation for their transition to school.

The EYLF performs the critical role of guiding early learning educators, both in care and educational settings, in ensuring that children receive high quality teaching and learning, with special emphasis on:

  • Play based learning

  • Fostering social and emotional development

  • Promoting communication and language (numeracy & literacy)

For educators – both in care and educational environments – ensuring that programs and learning complies with the framework requires great attention, skill and resourcefulness. Traditional planning and learning approaches are not always compatible under the EYLF and so adapting to the guidelines laid out in the EYLF is critical.

EYLF resources provide a great assistance to educators as they provide suitable templates and examples for their own EYLF documentation. Given the specific nature of the EYLF and it’s different elements, EYLF resources of a high quality must be scrutinised to ensure they provide you with the requirements you need under the framework.

So what should I be looking for when it comes to EYLF resources?

  1. Does it promote the overall Principles of EYLF?

The essence of the overall EYLF principles should be supported in any of your resources.

  1. Is it compatible with the stated Practices of EYLF?

These are practical elements that underpin good practices of early learning.

  1. Does it connect to the Learning Outcomes of EYLF?

The outcomes are the goals that should be seen in and achieved by any compliant EYLF program.

Ultimately the EYLF is about ensuring a certain quality of learning for the children and as educators, we have a commitment to ensuring that occurs. Our plans and documentation needs to reflect this and well developed resources can be a huge benefit to you in order to achieve this. Finding and using high quality EYLF resources can save you time and money in providing high quality learning for your group or class or children.

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